Some OS X Calendar Tips

OS X Finder Extension Concept

I have a pretty good idea floating in my head for something I think OS X's Finder has always been lacking. I don't want to throw it up here for someone to steal, but at this point I don't have the time, resources, or programmer friends for this to go anywhere on my own. » 8/25/14 12:23am 8/25/14 12:23am

YNAB Is Now Free for College Students

This seems to have been somewhat under the radar, but if you weren't aware, you can get YNAB for free now if you're a college student. You just send them proof of registration, and they'll give you a license that you can renew every year you are still in college. Pretty outstandingly generous of them, if you ask me. » 4/17/14 3:20am 4/17/14 3:20am

One Notebook or Many Notebooks?

With our incredibly complex brains comes the need for most of us to organize that madhouse bank of thoughts into referable text. There are countless systems to keep track of everything: any number of different analogue notebooks and note-taking systems, analogue planners, digital calendars, to-do list systems,… » 2/08/14 4:39am 2/08/14 4:39am

Last-Minute Amazon Gifts: Free Same-Day Shipping

If you have Amazon Prime (or if you haven't tried your 30-day free trial yet) and are in a pinch for last-minute gifts from Amazon, upgrade to a 30-day free trial of "Prime Fresh" for free same-day or next-day early morning delivery on orders over $35. » 12/21/13 6:01am 12/21/13 6:01am